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On average, 126 deaths per day occur during the 101 deadliest days of summer...one every 11 minutes.

Source: NHTSA

Organized in 2003, “Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test and Initiative” is an ambitious driver education and outreach effort made possible through the collaboration of partners who share a commitment to improving safety on America’s roads.

Last year, the partnership generated national headlines with the results of its Mason-Dixon poll that showed 9 out of 10 American drivers admitted to knowingly and routinely engaging in careless driving behavior and dangerous driving practices. The group also produced Drive for Life: The National Safe Driving Test which was broadcast across the United States to remind motorists of the real hazards associated with modern-day driving.

This year, the partnership continues its efforts by targeting “The 101 Deadliest Days on the Road and How to Survive Them,” the period from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend when thousands of predictable, preventable deaths occur and by offering strategies to prevent them.

Volvo Cars of North America
Setting the standard for automotive safety since 1927.
The American Automobile Association
Campaigning for better roads and more reliable vehicles since 1902.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NHTSA provides Drive for Life and the public with technical assistance, professional expertise on safety issues and reliable statistical data.
The National Association of Police Organizations
Advancing the interest of law enforcement officers through advocacy, action and education.
The National Sheriffs’ Association
Dedicated to raising the level of professionalism among those in the criminal justice field
Ron Sachs Communications
The southeast United States’ leading independent producer of public purpose and safety television programming.

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