More Safety Tips

In the past five years, 1.35 million drivers involved in a car crash attributed it to drowsiness.

Source: NHTSA

A warning to parents:
Control your teen's a life!

To help reduce the tragic number of summer deaths
among new drivers, traffic safety experts have issued
a national warning and challenge to parents
across America.
Get it in writing: Sign a summer
contract with your teenage driver

Teenage drivers are up to 20 times more likely to have an accident than adult drivers. Parents must make clear to teens that driving is a privilege.

Teen Drivers


What Causes Crashes? Know Before you go.
Increased numbers of drivers, inexperienced drivers, speeding and lack of auto maintenance are among the factors that contribute to 101 deadliest days.

Car Seat Safety
Is your car seat properly installed?
A video guide to getting it right.
It's a Miracle
True stories of crash victims who lived to tell their stories.
The 8 Must-Know Tips
for avoiding accidents and saving lives on the road.
Keep Kids Happy
Strategies for keeping kids occupied…so you can concentrate on driving.
Test your driving knowledge
How much do you really know? This test will you take you back to your first driver’s license exam. You might be surprised at how much you’ve forgotten…and how much has changed!
The Top 10 Driving Mistakes
Do you ever use a cell phone while driving? Lose your temper at another driver? Here are the worst mistakes you can make.

Keys to Safe Driving
Young or old, driving offers pleasures and challenges that change though each stage of our lives. Here’s a compilation of tips, good ideas and places to visit for more information.