True stories of crash victims who lived to tell their stories

On average, 269 more people die in traffic fatalities each month during the summer than in other months of the year.

Source: NHTSA

Family Survives Horrendous Truck Crash
As If Protected By Guardian Angel

August 19, 2003
Excerpted from the Long Beach Report

(Long Beach, California) A family of three survived a horrendous truck wreck on the Gerald Desmond Bridge overnight in near miraculous circumstances, leaving veteran firefighters stunned and remarking it was as if the family had been protected by a guardian angel.

The truck apparently lost control, struck a guard rail, hit a fire hydrant and impacted a concrete column supporting a bridge pier overpass. Arriving firefighters saw the mangled truck, wreckage strewn across the bridge lanes and expected the worst. But what they found left even hardened firefighters nearly speechless. A father, mother and their two-year-old son were sitting on floorboard of the truck with entire truck ripped away from its frame around them.

The father and little boy sustained minor injuries. The mother was transported to a hospital in serious but stable condition and is expected to recover.